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The seventh digit is a calculated check digit using the first 6 digits of the code. Below displays the information encoded in a UPC coupon code.

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For more information please click here. Most of the main retailers will not accept their numbers and there are many online websites preying on unsuspecting new companies.

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There may be smaller retailers and online marketplaces which do not require a unique GS1 Company Prefix. However, if you plan on someday selling to any larger retailer in the future, you do not want to have your products marked with UPC barcodes which may not be accepted. Proper product identification is important!

Please call us at x for assistance. There has been a dramatic increase in the dependency on UPC symbols, since companies are investing millions of dollars in computer systems and scanning equipment to take advantage of automatic data collection.

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The foundation of these systems is contingent on barcode print quality. Registered users will still be able to use this service without any marketing inserts. Stay tuned, please contact us for your more information.

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