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I say get a grip or quit.

A lot of very friendly people looking for a job. East side pizza isn't laid out like most pizza places. Has more of a restaurant feel and can accommodate large groups.

Wallingford loves Greek Style Pizza!

My girls and I have been coming for many years now. We always enjoy the pizza on girls night out. Try a few men they are great waiters , Everytime I go there the gals a huddled up talking to each other. Great looking place and the food is pretty good. But the service sucks. We ordered 3 pizzas. I am very allergic to mushrooms. I get food poisoning like symtoms so we made sure that we told the waitress not to come in contact with mushrooms.

East Side Pizza, Portsmouth

We a little bit later the two loaded pizzas came out and the one without mushrooms didn't. We waited and waited. By the time the other to pizzas were gone and we still haven't gotten the one with out mushrooms still hadn't showed up we were trying very hard not to get to upset. Finally it came out. My mom, niece and I dug in. Well of course I looked a my piece and the rest on the tray and sure enough mushrooms.

I stopped eating and we got the attention of the owner. The owner came over and we told him what happened and all he could say was that's not good and would you like another pizza. Of course I said no. I explained that if I had a life threating reaction things could be very different. Then he walked away. Some time later our waitress came over to give us our check. I will not be going back and I hope if you have allergies you will watch what you order.

Been there several time before the expansion and several times since. Never ever a disappointment.


I gotta say that they have some damn good chow!! And yes I will come back again and again. I eaten there several times because it's convenient and I keep telling myself it was just a bad night but every night in the last 5 times have been lousy.

The pizza I have ordered 2 times. The crust is almost black yet the center of the pizza is luke warm and gooey. You'd think if it's nearly burnt on the bottom and ends it would at least be hot and crispy. Nope, I don't know how they manage it. Linguini with clam sauce is alright it tastes fairly well. It's just not worth the money anymore. The food was delicious years ago but it has certainly gone downhill in the last several months and the prices have risen.

The only thing this restaurant has going for it is the wait staff. Most are all friendly and work very hard to try to please.

Zayna's Pizza - Brady Street Milwaukee

I love the pizza, and the fact it's not in chicago. I like the salads best of all Today was a disappointment because the Greek salad was made with the white part of the lettuce and only one small green almost rotten leaf.

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There were small bits of black leaf parts on the bottom. I think it must have been the bottom of the crisper. Also it needs some new seats. It is still a local favorite. Although the crust is good, East Side Pizza does not know the true meaning of a stuffed pizza.

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