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It increases flexibility, muscle strength and tone, boosts energy, can aid in weight loss, reduces the risk of injury and promotes circulatory health. The deep breathing involved in yoga can increase mental clarity. It is also a great way to reduce stress that can cause insomnia, heart disease and other serious illnesses. But some may get intimidated when they see yoga being performed.

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Many of the movements are complicated and some may wonder if they could ever achieve that level of flexibility. Well, the truth is, there are many beginner poses that are very easy to do. Here are some you may want to try. This yoga pose is one many of us have probably done at various times in our lives and not even realized we were doing yoga.

It involves lying on the floor flat on your back and breathing deeply.

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This exercise requires you to get down on your hands and knees. Start by arching your back while bringing your head into your chest, then straighten so your back is straight, and you are looking at the sky. While performing this exercise, you should alternately flex and point your toes and bring your knees in and out. This exercise may not be complicated, but it helps connect us with our breathing while stimulating blood and lymphatic flow. It also helps keep joints flexible and is a great way to relieve stress.

This pose involves getting up from a kneeling position into one where your body is an inverted V with feet and hands planted firmly on the floor.

It is perfect for promoting balance and harmony in the body and it can provide an energy boost for those who need a pick me up in the middle of the day. To do the tree pose, one must start in the standing position. Choose a healthy lifestyle for her, work hard at progressing, never stop getting better and you will give yourself the greatest gift you are able to: love for oneself.

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Life is short. Start being who you want to be now! Fierce Fighters. Friends of Fierce Fighters. We all have a story. You do NOT have to have lost weight to enter this. You can be anyone who has advice to others on how to move forward with health and fitness. The beauty of this contest is that we all have something different to say.

Email me at Schutzashley hotmail. I will put all the entries together and create a Photo Album that will be uploaded to the Wall on the Start Date of the Contest. The voting will begin Friday, January 27th!!! I will announce the winner on Tuesday, February 14th! COM will be providing a package of gifts to the Winner. What is inside is a surprise! This girl knows her stuff too! Box of Alaskan Salmon!! In this case, there will be a second place winner who will receive this gift, unless you are out of the US.

The awesome Sarah is giving away to support the contest, a pair of Live. Knee High Socks. In my opinion, the most Motivational. I have been so lucky to have met most of the crew and the Team behind the Motivation and Powerhouse, and they all are amazing people. Thank you BB. They welcome anyone to take part in the laughs and enjoy each day of being healthy. They love Balance and work to guide people to avoid extremes and just be happy in their journey.

These two girls are great role models and I thank them for their part in this Contest. I admire how many she guides on her page. She is an inspiration and a smart businesswoman.

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She has made lemonade out of lemons and continues to grow her business whilst motivating and inspiring others. She is a true success.

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I reached out to her in the beginning of my journey for guidance. I looked up to her figure and what she had accomplished. I did not expect a reply but to my surprise, Kelly went above and beyond and offered me help where I needed it and to this day, we speak often. She is currently pregnant and taking an amazingly healthy approach to her pregnancy, sharing information with her supporters of how to be healthy and pregnant. She is amazing to me. I have always purchased farm raised tilapia.

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I kept in touch with her, asking more questions, trying to educate myself on the matter, as I am always interested in being as healthy as possible. After developing a rapport, she offered to send me some samples. It was above and beyond gotta love that! Thank you Solomon Falls. Check them out, they deliver amazing salmon that is wild caught. Those are three jobs all on their own. I look up to women like this, as I have not had children yet. I look up this woman as a mentor and will hope to follow her lead when I decide to have a child of my own.

Thank you Val for being such an awesome Role Model! She kindly said yes.

Get the clarity you need, and the direction you deserve to walk confidently in your purpose.

It means to Move forward fiercely, with no hesitation. To face your fears, to work hard and never give up. Ashley Johns wanted to help others see what she found for herself.

Create a new beginning and fierce forward again!

They just needed the right mindset and attitude to start. I never thought it would reach the height it has, and now a logo has been created and shirts are in development. All I know is my passion is waking up and sharing motivation with you, offering advice and support when needed. I am grateful every day for the community we have. Fierce Forward! Tags: ashley johns bodybuildiing. These are life lessons that hit in all areas of life.

For me, Christmas means family and several moments of fantasy, made of bright, colorful lights, amazing, soulful food usually coated in sugar! Baking is therapeutic for me. But Friday is all about creating and spending some quality time with myself and my mom. I want to begin separating myself from that a bit and creating a small space where I can share my thoughts and spread who I am in a different way.

Sugar Cookies are my thing! Here is what I did for Halloween We need more of it in the World. Tags: ashley johns , fierce forward , Gratitude , optimism. After my final blog in the Series about finding myself the hard way and realizing how to now move forward, I came to the conclusion that I needed to rule out one more question that had been bugging me: Do I have excess stress that is creating cortisol, which will put Belly Fat on you.

The results came back and my Hormone Doctor called me and we discussed my stress levels and what I found out was shocking. I had no excess or unusual stress patterns. Let me back this up with the fact that I have been diagnosed with a sluggish thyroid, which runs in my family and which can also be caused by excess dieting.